Barron May Fill Need For Jets

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Watch Mark Barron play and what you see is a perfect fit for Jets coach Rex Ryan’s defense. In the second-to-last game last season, the Alabama safety separated cartilage in between his ribs, an injury so painful he said he had trouble breathing, but he played on. “There are guys that can play in pain and guys that can play at a top level when they’re in pain,’’ Mark Cochran, Alabama’s director of strength and conditioning coach, said. “That’s what Mark can do. We’ve had some great players come through here that have played with pain, but Mark might be the best. “It’s almost impossible to keep him off the field because he has the ability to block out the pain and play. He’s really an amazing athlete in that sense.’’ Listen to Barron speak and what you hear is a player perfectly suited to play for Ryan. “I haven’t seen a player make a play I can’t make,’’ Barron said. “Until I see someone do something I can’t do, that’s just the way I feel. I don’t play peacefully. When I’m on the field it’s chaos.’’ [More]

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