Bill Belichick Makes A Defensive Move

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By By Ron Borges, Boston Herald:
Sometimes even Bill Belichick does the obvious. For weeks, the speculation was Belichick had to draft to shore up his shaky defense of a year ago, but he has so often confounded observers that no one seemed totally comfortable making that assertion without reservation. It always seemed to come with one caveat or another, few willing to say he was likely to do what he finally did — which was move boldly up the first-round draft board. On the opening night of this year’s draft, Belichick did what he had not since 2003 — he moved up rather than moving out in an effort to shore up a defense ranked 31st in the NFL last year.

While some Patriots [team stats] sycophants bent themselves into pretzels trying to argue that the 2011 defense was a “bend-but-don’t-break” assemblage of Johnnys on the spot, Belichick put the lie to that last night. By swapping the 27th and 31st picks in the first round plus a third- and fourth-round pick, respectively, Belichick neatly maneuvered into the 21st and 25th slots and grabbed Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones and Alabama linebacker Dont’a Hightower. [More]

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