Don’t Read Too Much Into A-Day

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By Marc Torrence, Crimson White:
If you were in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, you probably attended, or at least heard about, A-Day — Alabama’s annual spring game, essentially a glorified scrimmage. The team (and fans) gets ready for the dog days of summer before football season starts up again. It’s a fun day to celebrate the accomplishments of the team and to experience a little football after a few months without it. But that’s all it is. It’s tough to draw any real conclusions from A-Day, football-wise. Yes, there are stats and numbers and awards about how different players did, how each team performed and which players stood out. But those need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Typically, it’s the defense that gets the benefit of the doubt here. With coaches not wanting to show the upcoming season’s opponents too much, the offense usually goes into “vanilla” mode — running basic plays that are meant more to establish chemistry among the new players rather than trick the defense into a big gain. “Well, you didn’t see anything new, unless you want us to just e-mail Michigan what we’re doing and anything new that we’re doing,” Saban said about the offense on Saturday. A reporter had just asked a question about new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier and how much of his new offense we saw. “If I saw anything new out there, I would have been upset.” [More]

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