How Can One School Have So Much Success?

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By Brett Hudson, Crimson White:
It’s business as usual in Tuscaloosa. As some of you went to your hometowns for one last trip before dead week and finals week, Alabama was winning championships. Just another day at the office, honey. How was your day? It’s like Laura Owens with the Tuscaloosa News said, it’s just another national championship trophy for someone to trip over. Sorry, Mr. Tinker, it’s all in good fun. How could anyone call any city but Tuscaloosa “Titletown?” How is it possible? How is it that one school can have success in so many sports simultaneously?

It’s no secret Alabama athletics is fueled financially by football, or at least 99 percent of it. It takes money to win in athletics in any sport. It takes money to buy your team the best equipment to get the edge there. It takes money to fly around the country and get the best recruits for your sport, and it takes money to have the facilities to attract them there. With only one sport on campus making enough money to support nearly all of the 18 sports on campus, how is this type of widespread success possible? [More]

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