Playoff Will Revive New Year’s Day Bowls

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By Jon Solomon, The Birmingham News:
Picture Jan. 1, 2015. Your heart rate should skip a few beats. The day starts with some solid bowls as appetizers featuring teams worthy of playing Jan. 1. By late afternoon, USC and Texas play a national semifinal game at the sun-drenched Rose Bowl. Later comes the Alabama-Ohio State semifinal at a deafening Sugar Bowl when Nick Saban and Urban Meyer meet again. It’s the day college football digs up New Year’s Day from its grave. Money killed New Year’s Day. Money will revive it, too.

At the risk of beating the Bowl Championship Series to a bloody pulp, it’s important to remember one of the worst unintended consequences of this creation. While it’s true the BCS served a purpose and provided some satisfying No. 1 vs. 2 championship games in between controversies, it also sucked the life out of New Year’s Day. So unless the czars botch the end of these playoff discussions, New Year’s Day will become meaningful again in 2015. The semifinals can be on on Jan. 1 and the championship a week later. [More]

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