Why Not A.J. McCarron For Heisman?

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From Heisman Pundit:
Not a day goes by where an Alabama fan doesn’t ask me why I don’t list AJ McCarron as a Heisman candidate. It’s not because I have some sort of insidious agenda against the Tide. It’s just that I have a good understanding of what Heisman voters look for in a quarterback and an even better understanding of Alabama’s Heisman history. Alabama is, without a doubt, one of the top three schools in the history of college football. Arguably the best. But it’s a storied tradition that hasn’t included very many offensive stars. For instance, an Alabama quarterback has never thrown for more than 3,000 yards, or for more than 20 touchdowns in a season.

You don’t have to have incredible numbers to win the Heisman at Alabama — Mark Ingram proved that — but they do have to be above a certain level for voters to take them seriously. Can McCarron get to that level? So far, he’s off to a very good start, with 999 yards and 12 touchdowns with no interceptions in his first five games. It puts him on pace to have 2,597 yards and 31 touchdowns by the time the Heisman vote is due. It certainly might be enough to qualify him as the best Crimson Tide quarterback in recent memory. [More]

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