When It Comes To Recruiting, Nick Saban Is A Rock Star

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From The Capstone Report:
Nick Saban is a rock star. But where does that leave Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn? The truth is Auburn’s Malzahn is insignificant. The AJC provides two good examples of the situation in this state and beyond. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains the frenzy the Alabama football coach creates when he visits a high school. In this case, the AJC details what happened when Saban visited Ridgeland High School. However, the real story is how Nick Saban has changed things in the state of Alabama. Nobody remembers the days of Tommy Tuberville standing as the dominant figure in this state’s football scene.

According to the AJC, “When he went to Auburn High School (yes, located within a few miles of Auburn University), it was like the Red Sea parted. He was there to see Reuben Foster, the 5-star linebacker. All of sudden, it was like you couldn’t find an Auburn fan within 1,000 miles. Gus Malzhan was probably hiding under a desk.” To buttress this claim, the AJC provides this quote from Foster via ESPN, “They were freaking out and taking pictures, and I thought they were supposed to be Auburn fans; I did not hear a single ‘War Eagle’ but I heard several ‘Roll Tide’s.’” This is instructive of the larger state of Auburn football. Auburn fans refuse to talk football. In fact, a few Auburn fans I know shunned televised football games this year as the season worsened. [More]

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