New Rules: Ejections And Eight Officials

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By: Mike Mitchell, Mr. SEC:
Expect some changes to college football this fall. The NCAA Football Rules Committee has unanimously approved a proposal that would eject players who target and hit defenseless players above the shoulders. The measure now goes to the Playing Rules Oversight Panel next month. If approved, the rule will go into effect for the 2013 season.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 conference has approved a one-year trial to have an extra official on the field. Big 12 officiating coordinator Walt Anderson explained to’s Jon Solomon why the conference was going to experiment with eight, instead of seven officials. “With offenses throwing more and going to the spread, the coverages that were for decades defined by seven officials are really appearing to be inadequate just to keep pace with the game.” The Big 12 will be the only conference with eight officials this fall. The ACC will experiment with eight officials in spring practices. [More]

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