Saban Talks Wakeup Call For Alabama

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From The Capstone Report:
Alabama Football coach Nick Saban said having an idle week this early in the season is rare, but it provides the Alabama football team a chance to improve. “Certainly (Alabama) can use the extra practice time we need trying to improve and correct the things that we didn’t do extremely well in the last game,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “There was obviously a lot of good things we did in the game and we would like to build on that, but I think it is a little bit of a wakeup call for some of our guys on our team to recommit themselves to doing things the way we need to do them.”

The Alabama football coach said the team has responded in the appropriate way during this week’s practice with a real focus on improving. Saban admitted the team is not happy with the offensive performance in the win 35-10 win over Virginia Tech. Saban said the coaches could have adjusted better to what Virginia Tech did, and the players “got a little frustrated when they didn’t have a lot of success in the game.” Saban credited the frustration to Virginia Tech’s players and coaches. [More]

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